Pneumatic Vaccum Elevators

Quite simply the coolest and most advanced elevator on the market, the Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator will be the talk of all your friends and neighbors. Signature Elevators & Accessible Design can build you a pneumatic vacuum elevator to carry you from floor to floor without a single cable, pulley or piston! This self-supporting residential elevator can travel up to 35 ft. (or 4 stops) and requires no excavation work. The fact that a hoist way and pit don't have to be built means that the pneumatic vacuum elevator can be installed much more quickly than its counterparts.

The pneumatic vacuum elevator's tubes are made of polycarbonate and supported by high-strength aluminum. The steel cabin floor includes brakes and other safety mechanisms, and the ceiling holds lights and a circulation fan.

Advantages of the Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator

The pneumatic vacuum elevator is as environmentally-friendly as a residential elevator can be since it uses no energy during descent. And unlike more traditional residential elevators, even if the power goes out it is impossible to get stuck between floors. Furthermore, the Vacuum Elevator has locking devices built in to the shaft to stop ascent or descent at the upper & lower points of travel.

Another great benefit to the pneumatic vacuum elevator is low maintenance relative to the conventional residential elevator. There are no rails to grease, no ropes to check no fluid level to top off, or controller panel to check for burnt out LED etc. The system is based upon the air. Granted air brings lots of dust & dirt and as a result filters and turbines and even the cab should be cleaned regularly. Polycarbonate is an extremely soft plastic which scratches easily. So the biggest maintenance issue with the PVE is cleanliness.

A sleek contemporary fixture with 360 degree views, the pneumatic vacuum elevator is a dramatic addition for large open family rooms or foyers, and looks fantastic with a stair case wrapped around it.