Car Elevators

These lifts are specially designed for the vertical transportation of a loaded vehicle or automobile with their drives making them extremely useful for private Garages, Apartments, Showrooms, Service Stations and Commercial Complexes. These lifts Conform to the current INDIAN LIFT GUIDELINES.

Car- Dimension

Shaft Inside W D MACHINE ROOM 2000W * 2000L * 2500H
3300 5500
Recommended Shaft Dimension For 2.5 Tones Hydraulic Car Lift-NON Commercial Vehicle
Type Capacity Car + Car Fr. + Acc. Weight Total Load (Max) Car Inside (mm) Entrance (mm) Travel (max) PIT DEPTH (min) O.H. Height (min)
Kg Kg Kg W D H W H (mm) (mm) (mm)
Direct Pistons at Side (2 no.) 2500 2500 5000 2400 5200 2300 2300 2200 4000 1800 4000
Indirect Pistons at Side (2 no.) 12000 1500 3500
Direct Pistons Below (2 no.) 6200 1500 3500


All dimension are in mm.

This is genearal data. It may be changed. For more details contacts us. All hoist way walls should be minimum 230 mm brick or 150 mm R.C.C.

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